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We are so glad you have decided to have your dog join The Brat Pack!  Below you will find links to our Application, Policy Sheet, and Terms & Agreement.  Please return the Application, Terms & Agreement, as well as a copy of your Dog's current Vaccination record to us via email or fax.  We do have all the documents ready in our lobby, however if printing is not an option for you. 


(Please review our quick checklist below to make sure your dog meets all of our requirements).

~ Social with other dogs or just needs a little bit more experience.


~ Accepting of crates. (Daycare dogs take a nap from 12pm-2pm in a crate and dogs who are staying                                                      overnight sleep in crates at night.)


~ Up to date on 1.) Rabies (6 mos and older)  2.) Parvo/Distemper  3.) Bordetella

~ Spayed or neutered if over 6 mos. old.

~ Is in good health:  Is not exhibiting any communicable diseases or contagious skin conditions.  We are unable to accept dogs who have been diagnosed with seizures.




Terms & Agreement

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