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Our Facility has been designed with Safety in mind.  Many of our Amenities include:

* A Fire Prevention Sprinkler System throughout the building.

* A Fully Monitored Commercial-Grade Fire Alarm System which has been integrated in with the existing Fire Pump Sprinkler System, which automatically alerts the local Fire Department in any Emergency.

* A Generac Standby Generator to not only keep our guests comfortable while they are here, but to also ensure our Fire Prevention System operates no matter what the circumstances.

* Three heat pumps throughout the facility to keep everyone warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

* 1150 Patio Pavers lining the One-Acre Playfield to ensure there will be no digging out.

The Fun Stuff


* A 3000 sf Play yard with K9 Grass ensures that the dogs can go out during ANY season,  in ANY weather and still go home clean.. NO MUD!!

* A One Acre Fenced Playfield.. 'Nuff said!

* A Large Indoor Play Room.

* Always a plethora of Toys to play with.. we are a Toy Based Dog Daycare!

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