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Our Mission

Although there are many goals we strive to achieve to run a successful business, here at Wags Daycare our First and Foremost goal is to provide the MOST fun possible for our four legged customers, in the SAFEST

way possible.

There is always some risk putting groups of dogs together. For this reason, we have put together

a well thought-out Safety Protocol.  We strongly believe that SAFETY begins with PREVENTION.  



Fire Prevention Sprinkler System and Monitored System installed throughout the facility. (See Amenities)


We immediately stop any overly exuberant or overly rough play.

We adhere to a 'One-Strike-You're -Out' Policy for any new dogs showing any type of aggression
or extreme disruptive behavior during their first day.   

We supervise the dogs the entire time they are interacting.  Dogs are crated at pick up time as
this is most vulnerable time in dog daycare, when the dogs are tired and are anxious to reunite with their owners.  


We have a separate indoor and outdoor space for small dogs.

We keep barking at a bare minimum to keep arousal low, to keep stress low, and so we can hear
the things we need to hear.  

We only allow dogs to board if they can be quiet during the night.  This assures that all of our

are receiving their much needed sleep and will remain as stress-free as possible during their stay.

However, it is very rare that we have a dog not settle in well, as most dogs enjoy the home environment

and sleeping next to their friends.

We have a carefully thought out fight protocol in place if any dispute did arise.


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