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Manchester's Premier Dog Daycare & Overnight Facilty

Wags Daycare is excited to announce that we have opened our new facility on Prescott Road on 8. 5 acres  in beautiful Manchester, ME.  Offering a 3000 sq. foot  K-9 Grass artificial turf play yard, a state of the art fire prevention sprinkler system, A/C , and a ONE ACRE fenced in field adjacent to the turfed play yard.  All with a backdrop of stunning open rolling fields.   A country setting yet still close to town, Wags Daycare continues to offer your dog a unique, home-style setting, where they can come to romp and wrestle off-leash, indoors and out, with other friendly, fun loving dogs.  Couch potatoes are also welcome!

'Wags Dogs' just love coming here!  They arrive with wagging tails, play with wagging tails, and greet their owners with wagging tails after a hard day’s play.  In fact, they are too pooped from all the tail wagging to get into any kind of doggy “trouble” at home after a day at Wags…


Established in 2004, we pride our selves in our safety record and the care that we have provided and continue to provide to our clients, both human and fur kind.

Why Doggie Daycare?

Did you know that play with other dogs not only provides your dog with some of its
exercise requirements, but also helps to meet social needs?  Dogs are pack animals, and loneliness and boredom can bring on problem behaviors including destructiveness (chewing and digging), investigative behavior (garbage raiding), attention-getting behaviors, and barking.  Lack of exercise can be a contributor to hyperactivity, excitability, and unruliness. And most importantly, exercise helps to maintain a healthy body weight, strengthens joints and muscles, and provides mental stimulation for your pet.

Other Popular Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Daycare :


  • You leave your dog home alone during a 5-day workweek.

    Home improvements, the repairman is coming, or your house is being shown.

  • You are expecting company and would like your dog to be exercised before they arrive.

    To socialize your new puppy or dog with other people and other dogs.




Sleepovers are pretty similar to daycare, except, well, your dog spends the night!  All guests must meet the same requirements as the daycare dogs.  One day of daycare is required prior your dog(s) spending a night at Wags Daycare.


We accept food, treats and medication only.  We provide all bowls and bedding.  Please bring food in zip lock bags and only the amount of food your dog will need during their stay, plus two extra days worth.  If your dog is on medication, please bring pill pockets.  There will be no charge for administering medication when pill pockets are provided.  If there is a reason your dog cannot take pill pockets, please speak with us regarding an alternative way to administer medication.


How can my dog join The Brat Pack?"
If your dog is friendly and social towards his own kind, then he or she is well on their way to joining Wags "Brat Pack".   Wags dogs must also be up-to-date on Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and the Bordetella Vaccine, and be spayed or neutered (by 7 mos).  Click on the Membership link to learn more!



Wags Daycare for Dogs.."Where Dogs Go To Find Their "Happy Place!"






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