Hours of Operation 




*Our Days and Hours have temporarily changed due to Covid-19

Please check with us for current Days & Hours

*Monday - Friday

7am-10am Drop-Off & Pick-Up

3:30-6pm Pick-Up Only

Closed from 12pm-2pm

*Holiday hours may vary*



Weekend Hours:  (Changed due to Covid-19, please check with us)


Sat:   9am-10am (Drop off & Pick up)  &  4pm-5pm (Pick-up only)       

          Sun:  4pm-5pm






~ Please be prepared to pay for daycare and boarding at drop off ~

Daycare:   $28/day

~ Daycare Rate only applies to dogs dropped off and picked up the

same day. Boarding rates apply at all other times ~ 

Overnights:  $38/day 

(Includes Daycare)

Pick up your dog by 9am M-F,  or at 9am on Saturday when we open 

at No Additional Charge for that day!

Boarding cut-off time is 9am . After 9am it is another day's

boarding charge. ($38)

Sunday:  4pm-6pm Lobby Hours ONLY  (Sundays will always cost $38)

*Boarding is charged by the day and includes daycare*

To figure out your total bill, multiply the number of
days your dog(s) will be here by $38
(The Drop-off day is always charged $38 regardless of drop-off time.)


If you pick up at/by 9am then subtract $38.  (Sundays do not apply)

We require that your dog always be dropped off in the morning so they

can become acclimated, and will sleep well that night.   

For Example:  You drop your dog off Monday between 7am-9am,  

and pick up Friday at 9am.  The total charge would be $152
If you picked up at 9:10am, or 5pm the total charge would be $190.

If you are unsure about the pick-up date or time, the later day/time

will be recorded and you will be billed accordingly.  Shortened stays

will be issued a credit for future boarding provided we did not have

a waiting list that day.   Please call ahead to make arrangements

if you need to change your pickup time.

**Only afternoon pickups are available on Sundays**


Methods of Payment:
We accept cash and checks