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Hours of Operation 

Tuesday- Friday

                                             7am-9am     Drop-off & Pick-up

                                             4pm-6pm    Pick-up Only

*Holiday hours may vary*



Weekend & Monday Hours

(Boarding Only)


                             Sat & Mon:   9am-9:15am (Drop-off & Pick-up for Boarding Only)    

                                                    4pm-5pm     (Pick-up only)       


                             Sun:               4pm-5pm




Daycare Pricing 

~ Please be prepared to pay for Daycare at drop-off ~


10 - Day Membership Pass = $350   ($35/day)

20 - Day Membership Pass = $700   ($35/day)


*These options are available for dogs that average one or more days of daycare per week.


Non-Pass Holder = $40/day


**Cancellations need to be made 24 HOURS in advance to avoid being charged**

*Passes are available for dogs that average one or more days of daycare per week.

*Passes only apply to Daycare, Boarding is charged separately (with Daycare included.)
*Passes are fully refundable for any reason within expiration date.  
*Passes currently held are subject to price increases.
*Passes expire 6 mos. after purchase date.

*We accept cash and checks.


Overnight Pricing 

(Includes Daycare)

~ Please be prepared to pay for Boarding at drop-off ~


Member $45/day*

*This option is available for dogs that average one or more days of daycare per week*

Non-Member = $50/day**

**This rate is for dogs who do not attend daycare regularly*

*We accept cash and checks.


*Daycare Rate only applies to dogs dropped off and picked up the same day. Boarding rates apply at all other times.

*We require that your dog arrive in the morning to get their play time in, and to become acclimated so they will sleep well that night (Sunday is an exception, 4pm-5pm only)

*Pick up your dog by 9am Tue-Fri, or at 9am on Saturday or Monday when we open at No Additional Charge for that day!

*Boarding is charged by the day and includes Daycare. Boarding pick-up cut-off time is 9am . Pick ups after 9am are another day's
boarding charge

*Sunday:  4pm-5pm Lobby Hours ONLY.  (Sundays will always be charged the boarding rate



To figure out your total bill, multiply the number of days your dog(s) will be here by the boarding rate. The Drop-off day is always charged  regardless of drop-off time.

If you pick up at/by 9am there will be no charge for that day.  (Sundays do not apply)

.   For Example:  You drop your (member) dog off Monday between 7am-9am,  

and pick up Friday at 9am.  The total charge would be $180
If you picked up at  5pm the total charge would be $225.

If you are unsure about the pick-up date or time, the later day/time

will be recorded and you will be billed accordingly.  Shortened stays

*may* be issued a credit for future boarding provided we did not have

a waiting list that day/week.   Please call ahead to make arrangements

if you need to change your pickup time.

**Only afternoon pickups are available on Sundays**


Methods of Payment:
We accept Cash and Checks







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